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MatrixChange the platform for "Peer 2 Peer" trading of crypto assets

Benefit from a wide-ranging portfolio. The MatrixChange offers the highest security standards for your cryptocurrency!

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The MatrixChange is a blockchain-based trading platform

Centralized trading platforms manage their users’ crypto coins on a master wallet. In the past, targeted hacker attacks on these wallets have led to losses of millions on the user side.

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Trade Smart, Trade Safe.

Discover Axcorp advantage our trading.


The future of the digital financial market

The tokenization of assets and projects is trend-setting for the digital finance industry. As a dynamic tool, tokenization gets the best possible value out of the asset.

Blockchain platform for enterprise applications

LibrumCHAIN is a blockchain platform for enterprise applications that is extremely scalable. Librum focuses on applications in areas such as cloud computing, IoT, banking, finance and health.

A wide-ranging portfolio for you

MatrixChange is the leading platform for tokenized projects and enables trading in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, LIOcoin, Ethereum or XRP. For investors, issuers and investors, the MatrixChange is a …


Find yourself a suitable trading plan 

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology used by MatrixChange gives each user their personal wallet, which is additionally protected against access by unauthorized third parties through various security mechanisms.

According to the current state of knowledge, this security structure is considered unhackable and is constantly being further developed by us. We not only consider it our duty to offer our users the highest level of security, it is also a matter close to our hearts. In addition, it is also important to us that trading at MatrixChange is easy to understand, can be implemented with just a few clicks and is inexpensive.
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Tokenization –
The future of the digital financial market

Blockchain technology enables assets to be mapped digitally, opening up new opportunities for investors. Anyone who uses MatrixChange to participate in tokenized projects is on the leading trading platform for tokenized assets.

The trading platform brings investors and issuers together and provides a clear, user-friendly and user-oriented dashboard that greatly simplifies trading in digital assets. As a trading platform, MatrixChange offers the best possible protection against hacker attacks and attempts at manipulation, because the technology is constantly being further developed and optimized.

The advantages of the token market

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The MatrixChange is a digital marketplace.

In addition to trading in digital currencies, we give our users access to selected tokenized projects. On the one hand, the token market brings entrepreneurs and investors together and, on the other hand, it offers the opportunity to trade assets, which usually tie up the invested capital for several years, within the planned term in the form of tokens.

Before a token is listed on our marketplace, the project to be financed, the associated company and the responsible persons go through an intensive examination process carried out by independent experts. Only those who meet all the criteria will receive the MatrixChange seal of quality and admission to the token market.


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matrixchange app

The Most Popular Assets in the World.

Ab dem 01.01.2023 startet LioCoin
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Bitte versichern Sie sich dass die Daten korrekt sind um Fehlbuchungen zu vermeiden.

Umtausch-Link COIN-CHANGE

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From 01.01.2023 LioCoin will start
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We would like to ask all users who have Lio Coin on their wallet to use
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The data must be submitted by 31.05.2023!!!