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Cloud mining is the rental of hardware to use crypto currencies such as Bitcoin for mining. We are a company that has set out not only to support crypto currencies, but to bring the topic closer to people and to give everyone the opportunity to participate.

In short - we rent out very expensive hardware to produce crypto currencies for you.

Mining itself is a complex thing and therefore requires a lot of know-how. In short, you are rewarded for the computing power provided. With the help of the computing power of the miner, very complex calculations are solved, thus ensuring that the transactions within the blockchain are correct and possible. For the solved bill one is rewarded, that is how a miner earns his money.

The miners are ultimately the controlling body of this technology. The coins that are credited to you as a reward are not in circulation, which means that they will be reissued or generated. With time you get less and less reward, as the level of difficulty increases when only fewer coins are available.

Cloud mining is absolutely safe because this is done via our in-house servers, which are kept up to date on a daily basis. Since mining also runs via the blockchain, it is not possible to hack it with the current state of technology. Of course, security updates are constantly being made so that nothing can be lost if individual servers fail.


Our company guarantees the mining result. Another advantage for our users is that the coins are immediately credited to the user for the entire term of the mining contract and are therefore in his wallet.

This is the question many will ask, and yes, in some cases it may be wiser to do mininig yourself, but for most people it doesn't make sense. Many forget the effort and time that you have to put into it to make something like this possible.

A MiningRig consisting of hardware and software is not only very expensive, but also very loud and produces a lot of heat. You have to think about cooling, electricity costs, location, security and much more. A lot of research is required. Which miner do I have to use? Which GPU? Which motherboard? How do I supply everything with electricity? Questions like this have to be answered and there has to be a lot of tinkering until a good setup is found.

Incidentally, a lot of components that would be ideal for mining are not available or are very expensive. This certainly depends on the huge demand lately. Many overlook how much time and money must be invested before such a miner brings constant income.

We also focus on mining a coin which can be mined with little energy, on the one hand for reasons of profitability but of course also for ecological reasons, which are very important to us.

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