Tokenization digitally reflects assets with the help of blockchain technology. The diverse opportunities that are available to various assets as well as to investors are enormous and will shape the future of the capital markets

The modern business world produces a wealth of highly creative, promising and innovative business models from company founders every day. But all too often there is an almost insurmountable hurdle on the way to project implementation: the financing!

Financial institutions often refuse to finance that and so countless promising ideas do not get further than the edge of the entrepreneur's desk.

As an alternative, financing through crowdfunding, a swarm financing by many "small" investors, has established itself in recent years. However, often associated with considerable (administrative) effort and restrictions for the investor and the entrepreneur.

The solution

We offer innovative founders and companies that are expanding the opportunity to tokenize their project.

This means that a token, i.e. a kind of share / material value in a certain project, is placed in a blockchain. The number of tokens, i.e. the total number of shares available, is adapted to the desired amount for the project.

The advantages of tokenization are manifold: process acceleration through digitization, fewer intermediaries, cost reduction, increased efficiency and global transferability.

An example - the naos token



When selecting the projects that MatrixChange maintains, we attach great importance to innovations with added value for the general public, sustainability and transparency.

The naos token offers investors the opportunity to participate in a green project:

The token certifies a share in a certain number of kiri trees (paulownia) in addition to the cultivation and marketing of the wood.

The trees, which are among the fastest growing in the world, are planted and raised in various European locations. The light and hard-wearing wood enjoys enormous demand. In addition, the tree binds an above-average amount of CO2, which is why it is also called the CO2 climate tree.

The value of the naos token increases not only through the spread and demand, but also through the biological growth of the kiri trees.

The original project duration is approx. 12 years. The advantage of tokenization: The investor can trade his investment on the MatrixChange at any time - buy or sell shares. This option offers the investor a high degree of flexibility.

Do you have an interesting project?

Our team of experts will be happy to help you on your way to tokenization. Contact us now to find out how you can benefit from this technology!