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What is LibrumCHAIN and how it works?

Librumchain - digital creation of value with real countervalue

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LibrumCHAIN - digital creation of value with real countervalue


Is a platform for implementing and deploying massively scalable enterprise applications with a microservice-based design and a blockchain network.The Librum Token is a billing mechanism developed for apps and applications that creates a novel ecosystem in which real application scenarios can be mapped. The associated smart contract, which is being developed on the Librum blockchain, is considered to be future-oriented and of great importance for the tokenization of assets. Fast processing, the smart contract solution and low transaction fees set Librumchain apart from other blockchain architectures.
LibrumCHAIN connects all areas of the digital financial world.
The purpose of the Librum token is to act as a bridge currency to facilitate payments between banks, map assets onto the blockchain using smart contracts, and allow other developers to create new types of applications based on the Librum token. The LibrumCHAIN is designed to realize and trade tokenized assets on the blockchain. It doesn't matter whether online trade, purchasing, services, health care, banking, investments, real estate trading, works of art, innovative ideas and concepts, tangible and intangible goods are tokenised - with the smart contract solution from LibrumCHAIN almost everything can be tokenised .
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Secure advantages and invest/trade in a future-oriented manner.

The advantages at a glance:

Anyone who uses the Blockchain 2.0 can expect numerous advantages, because LibrumCHAIN ​​offers an extensive package of advantages that is extremely interesting for investors, investors, loan seekers and savers:

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Blockchain technology

With the new development of the Librum blockchain, new standards are being set, because the LibrumCHAIN ​​will also be able to map NFTs in the future and is characterized by high scalability. The transaction process is faster, unbureaucratic, transparent, cheaper and more secure, because the MatrixChain network of specialists have analyzed, tested and optimized the existing technologies. Only specialists who have already worked for players such as Google, IBM or Microsoft work on the constant development of the LibrumCHAIN.

Anyone who uses the ecosystem of the LibrumCHAIN ​​blockchain technology acts in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and future-oriented manner, because the blockchain of the LibrumCHAIN ​​is not only based on the energy-saving Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, but also uses exclusively renewable energies in its data centers.

Proof of Stake / Proof of Work

The biggest difference between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work is their energy consumption. With the Proof of Work consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin, for example, miners have to compete against each other to solve complex mathematical problems. The first miner to solve the problem is allowed to add a block of transactions and gets a reward. This leads to mining devices all over the world calculating the same problems, thereby increasing the energy expenditure enormously. Because Proof of Stake doesn’t require all validators to solve complex equations, it’s a much greener way to verify transactions.


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