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The Future on the digital financial market


The tokenization of assets and projects is trend-setting for the digital finance industry. Tokenization is an innovation created through intelligent concepts, blockchain technology and smart contracts.

As a dynamic tool, tokenization gets the best possible value out of the asset. Tokenization can represent tangible as well as intangible values ​​and make them tradable.

The 2017 study by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance predicts that by 2024 approximately €1.4 trillion in tokenized assets will exist digitally.

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Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology enables assets to be mapped digitally, opening up new opportunities for investors. Anyone who uses MatrixChange to participate in tokenized projects is on the leading trading platform for tokenized assets.

Are you a startup, newcomer or issuer looking for a financing option? Then MatrixChange is your contact. Are you an investor interested in tokenized projects? MatrixChange is the safe platform where you can diversify and spread your capital.

The trading platform brings investors and issuers together and provides a clear, user-friendly and user-oriented dashboard that greatly simplifies trading in digital assets. As a trading platform, MatrixChange offers the best possible protection against hacker attacks and attempts at manipulation, because the technology is constantly being further developed and optimized.

Who can tokenize?

With the ability to digitize and tokenize assets, new investment strategies are emerging for retail investors. Through tokenization, e.g. business owners, new founders and stock corporations can digitize all assets of the company. The companies that offer their shareholdings via the blockchain thus issue digital share certificates that represent real value.

Every imaginable or physically available asset can be broken down into the smallest possible value units, digitized and mapped on the blockchain. The rights and obligations arising from the purchase are regulated via the smart contract, which offers further advantages.


How does asset tokenization work and what assets are tokenizable?


A value is digitized and represented via the blockchain. Security or utility tokens are issued for each asset, which contain the real share of the digital value. The smart contract includes all rights and obligations associated with the transaction. Tangible and intangible assets can thus be tokenized. The new eWpG, law for electronic securities, even regulates trading in crypto securities and opens up new possibilities for investors. Basically, you can tokenize any imaginable value, map it via the blockchain and issue it via smart contract.

Here, for example, the focus is on stocks that are digitized and issued as tokens. The same principle can be applied to real estate, tangible assets, funds, company investments, marketing concepts, works of art, wine or vehicles. There are hardly any limits to the ideas and possibilities.


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