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With a world population of nearly 8 billion people, sustainable energy solutions are a big issue. New innovative projects are the key and the field of stable green wood production shows enormous potential. Economic profitability and ecological balance enter into a perfect symbiosis, opening a beautiful path that brings people and nature together.

The Kiri tree, also known as the Emperor tree, Bell tree or by its botanical name ‘Paulownia’, is the fastest growing precious wood tree in the world and thus the most productive tree on earth. It can grow up to 5 meters in just one year and reaches its full height of up to 15 meters within 8 years. The wood of the Kiri tree is considered one of the most valuable woods today, especially because of its light weight and yet very high stability. Because of these properties, it is popular for boat and aircraft construction, as well as surf/ski boards, furniture and musical instruments.

The Kiri tree does not make high demands on its environment and prefers a moderately dry soil and a warm location with plenty of sun. In the first years of its life, the tree is quite sensitive to frost and cold. The young kiri tree must therefore be protected in winter with frost protection mats or simple straw. A mature kiri tree can tolerate cold winters and has itself developed a special method to protect itself from cold.

Kiri trees can absorb up to 40 tons of CO2 per hectare annually. Kiri plantations also help to keep agricultural land ecologically healthy in the long term by enriching it with nutrients. The deep root system of Kiri trees (up to 5 meters deep) creates valuable humus by absorbing nutrients from deeper layers and transporting them to the surface.



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